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Why is Brand Registry so important for Amazon Sellers?

Its a Jungle Out There. Protect Your Brand.


Selling on Amazon isn't the same as selling on a Shopify Storefront or eBay or Etsy. Amazon considers itself a 'marketplace'. When an item is listed on Amazon, by default, its not listed exclusively to be sold by the seller who adds it to Amazons catalog. This means that anyone can take your product and add it to Amazon to sell. And when another seller comes along, even the manufacturer of the product, they are required to sell that product under the same listing. This means that anyone can sell your products on Amazon. And anyone can submit 'contributions' to change the details on an Amazon listing. That's where Brand Registry comes in.

Brand Registry is how Amazon registers trademark owners and allows them to claim their products under their brand officially on the platform. There are a plethora of features that come with brand registry, but some of the most important features aren't even mentioned by Amazon! For example, by Brand Registering your trademark, you can much more effectively manage your brand appearance and listings on Amazon. When a brand is unregistered there is no guarantee that Amazon will even allow you to edit the title, bullets, backend keywords, images, ect. You will likely have to create numerous cases just to force these types of changes to be accepted on Amazon when you don't have your brand registered. Furthermore, having your brand registered will allow you keep people from selling inauthentic goods under your brand name and on your listings!

The best defense is a good offense. It's no secret in many industries that bad actors want to make fast cash by selling goods under popular brands listings. Without brand registry, your options for combating these bad actors are limited. But with brand registry, you can submit a brand ticket against these nefarious sellers and have them ousted from your listing. 

Features and benefits. Now that the baseline fundamentals are down. Lets get into the feature rich suite you gain access to when you brand register on Amazon.

A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Ever wonder why some listings have beautiful graphics all over the listing with detailed descriptions and even item comparison carousels to other products sold by the brand? Those listings are using a feature of brand registry called A+ Content. A+ content replaces the generic plain text description on a listing with high resolution images and advanced widgets. It's the first thing mobile shoppers see and the second thing desktop shoppers see. Utilizing this feature allows you to index your listing page on google, in addition to boosting your index on the Amazon platform, and increasing conversions by 10-15% on average.


Brand Story

Located directly above the product description or A+ Content, this feature adds a 'from the manufacturer' section that can, just like A+ content, be designed with advanced widget, graphics, and text. It's geared towards raising brand awareness and it helps drive people to explore your brand and connect with your brand message. Its also a great way to drive people to explore the next feature of brand registry, Brand Store!

Brand Store

Just like the name suggests, this is a storefront within Amazon just for your brand. You can build out a landing page much like on a personal webstore front and add pages and tabs filled with all the products you offer. Next to the home button on this page is a 'follow' button too, which allows shoppers to follow your brand, just like you follow people on twitter. This leads into the next feature of brand registry.

Amazon Posts

Once people have followed your brand on your brand store, you can start making 'posts'. Post are little blurbs of text accompanied by a product image. When you post your followers will be notified. Its a great way to keep your most loyal brand followers in the loop above your latest promotions, product launches, and keep them engaged with the brand. Increase your brand halo sales and foster brand loyalty with this feature.

Brand Analytics

Data is the driving force behind decision making for experienced Amazon Sellers. For those who are unfamiliar, Amazon is not very open to sharing data with the general public. They don't allow third party applications and web tools unfettered access to their API. Because of this some of the best and most up to date data available is only available through features like this within Amazon. Brand Analytics lets you see powerful metrics like brand share and clickthrough with higher accuracy than third party tools can offer.

These are just some of the features offered by brand registry, but hopefully its enough to convince you of its importance for sellers on the platform!

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