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Amazon Seller Resources & FAQs

Need help setting user permissions, registering your brand, uploading products or something else? Check out our free resources below.

  • Why should I be brand registered with Amazon?
    Brand Registry is first and foremost a tool for increasing your sales on Amazon. It is also designed to control your brand’s representation and offers access to tools that increase your expand your ad options, and protect your listings from copyright and trademark violations. Features like A+ Content (EBC), Stores, Sponsored Brands, the Brand Dashboard, Amazon Transparency, and Project Zero are some programs that brands can access once they enroll in the Brand Registry program. Learn more about the benefits of Brand Registry here.
  • How do I create an Amazon Seller Central account?
    Creating an Amazon Seller account is relatively straight forward. Click here for information on what you'll need in order to register.
  • How do I add a product to my catalog?
    For single item new product uploads the easiest way will be do this manually using Amazons add products wizard.
  • How do I get Amazon Brand Registry?
    The first step in Brand Registering will be filing for a trademark. If you sell in the US you will need to file with the USPTO. This is usually best left to an attorney, we also offer a service to handle the filing for you here. Additionally, you will want to make sure your trademark is clearly displayed on your products. Click here for more information.
  • How do I grant user permissions?
    In your Seller Central account, navigate to Account > User Permissions. Click here for detailed instructions on what we require for different services.
  • If I buy an audit then sign up for Full Service, can I get a refund on the audit?
    Absolutely. If you started paying for an audit then decided to move forward with our recommendations into some form of Full Service plan we will automatically deduct the cost of the audit from your contract price.
  • What is the purpose of a Full Account Audit?
    The reason we off as a service and automatically start all Full Service Clients and Partners with a Full Account Audit is so we can learn everything we need to know about your listings, conversion rates, ACoS, inventory availability, etc. and put together a step by step strategy that prioritizes what will have the biggest impact first to set your account up for success long term. If you're interested click here.
  • What do you do in an Advertising Audit?
    The reason for an Advertising Audit is simple; we examine how much you're currently spending, how effective that spending is, whether it would be beneficial or not to spend more/less on specific terms, how the current structure of your campaigns helps/hurts your ability to pinpoint winning terms/phrases and whether your ads are effectively promoting your organic SEO rankings. From that we surmise a campaign strategy in phases to help propel your listings as far as they can go. If you're interested click here.
  • What is the purpose of competitor research?
    Competitor research is an integral part of the SEO research process that allows us to observe what keywords and phrases competitor listings are ranking for as well as which of those terms are most profitable. For product launches this approach allows you lean into trends and high search volume and keyword sales terms. For existing listings, this helps with PPC campaigns and SEO to help your listing index for the right words to start ranking and being seen by potential customers.
  • What is Indexing?
    Every listing on Amazon has a keyword index. As the name implies, it is an index of words that your listing can rank for in Amazons search engine.
  • What is SEO?
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a fundamental part of making your product discoverable through the Amazon search bar.
  • What is CRO?
    CRO is Conversion Rate Optimization. The elements of your listing that make shoppers more likely to purchase comprise what we refer to in the industry as 'CRO'.
  • What is a Brand Store?
    Amazon Brand Store is a feature of Brand Registry that allows you to create essentially a mini-website for your brand within Amazons web site. It comes with many benefits.
  • What is A+ Content or EBC?
    A+ Content is the content located at the bottom of the product detail page (on desktop) that shows vibrant imagery and detailed descriptions about the product.
  • What is a Brand Story?
    Another feature included in the Amazon Brand Registry suite, this content appears above A+ content on the detail page of your listing and is focused on brand awareness.
  • Do my images need to look a certain way?
    Yes. The minimum optimal image dimension for an Amazon listing is 2000x2000 pixels with 300DPI and the image occupying at least 85% of the frame. This is your baseline requirement. Click below to learn more.
  • What is ACoS?
    Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is the inverse of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). ACoS is calculated by dividing ad spend by ad revenue.
  • What is PPC?
    Amazon PPC also referred to as sponsored ads, is a well-known advertising platform to help sellers amplify their product sales online. With the pay-per-click (PPC) model, the advertiser only pays Amazon when you click on the ad. If you are running Amazon PPC campaigns, you will not have to pay for impressions. When a PPC campaign is managed and optimized well, it can significantly boost the product’s visibility and sales. This will also boost the product’s organic ranking, thereby ensuring long-term success.
  • When should I start using PPC on my listing?
    Check these boxes first: High Quality Professionally Designed Images SEO Optimized Title SEO Optimized Backend Keywords SEO Optimized Listing Copy
  • How do I lower my ACoS?
    To decrease ACoS, ad spend must decrease against fixed ad revenue or ad revenue must increase against fixed ad spend. Ad spend is a function of the number of clicks times the average cost per click. Ad revenue is a function of the number of clicks times the average conversion rate times the average order value. Lowering ACoS comes from either an increase in conversion rate, or a decrease in cost per click. To decrease cost per click, you must either lower your keyword bids or add more longtail, lower-cost keywords. To increase conversion rate, you should optimize your listings by improving product titles, images, and bullets, adding product video and A+ Content, and soliciting product reviews and customer Q&As.
  • How do I get unauthorized sellers off of my listing?
    Unfortunately there's no easy answer to this, but luckily our experts have a lot of experience in this area. The first weapon in our arsenal is to leverage some of the special capabilities you get by being brand registered. From there it's important if you sell your product into distribution channels that you have a way to track who your distributors are selling to to help narrow the search. If you've tried the above and still haven't had any luck I'd say it's worth buying our service and letting us work with you on ways to stop shut them down one by one.
  • How do I get my listing reinstated?
    There are many reasons a listing gets taken down; pesticides, copyright claims, trademark infringement, medical claims, customer complaints, restricted items or ingredients, safety issues, etc. Every situation is handled differently, and as long as they're handled correctly from the first appeal to Seller Support they're almost always fixable. If you find yourself in one of these or any other listing predicament you can either buy our service to get your listing reinstated ASAP or contact us for more info.
  • How do I get my account reinstated?
    Accounts get suspended for all kinds of reasons; bad account metrics (A-Z claims, late FBM shipments, negative feedback, etc.), product authenticity claims, misuse of parentage variations, drop shipping, multiple seller accounts, etc. Most of the time these end up being a misunderstanding between you, a human seller, and Amazon's bots that police their listings. Every situation is handled differently, and as long as they're handled correctly from the first appeal to Seller Support they're almost always fixable. If you find yourself in one of these or any other listing predicament you can either buy our service to get your account reinstated ASAP or contact us for more info.


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