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Guide to Amazon Brand Registry

  • You will need the following:

    • A trademark. This is not the same as a registered business. Trademarks are filed with the United States Patent Office (USPTO). It is highly recommended to use a basic word mark and not a logomark or design mark. Using logo marks and design marks often causes issues with enrollment into Brand Registry, and even how your brand name appears after becoming enrolled, which can be time consuming and troublesome to correct after the fact.

    • A product that clearly displays your trademark on itself exactly as it appears in your USPTO filing.​​

      • This is a crucial aspect to consider when making your trademark. When you apply for Brand Registry you will be asked to provide an unaltered/digitally manipulated picture of your product with your registered trademark  permanently affixed to the product or product packaging. This means that it is not sufficient to simply apply a label with your trademark onto your product packaging or product in many cases

  • ​Once you have filed for your trademark, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a serial number for your trademark. This is enough to Brand Register. You don't have to wait for the trademark filing to be finalized.

  • Make sure you have these things ready and then proceed with your Brand Registry Enrollment:

    • Your trademark serial number (provided to the email address that filed for your trademark)​

    • Your trademark name (exactly as it appears on your USPTO filing). You can search for your trademark here.

    • For Basic word marks (recommended) skip this. Design Mark and Logo Marks you will need an image of the mark uploaded in .jpg or .png format.

    • Unaltered image of your product or packaging that clearly shows your trademark exactly as it appears in your USPTO filing. This mark must be permanently affixed to the product or packaging on a product you intend to sell on Amazon.

  • Once you have started the enrollment process and submitted all the information required, you will be prompted to send a confirmation email to the Attorney of Record. If you filed your trademark yourself, this will be sent to the email you used for filing your trademark. If you used an Attorney to file on your behalf, contact them and request they end you the confirmation number from Amazon regarding your trademark. 

  • That's it! If you aren't planning to file yourself, It's a good idea to use a trademark filing service that understand the Brand Registry process so that everything lines up and Brand Registry goes smoothly. Click here for more information on our trademark filing service.

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