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Setting Secondary User Permissions

  • Setting User Permissions allows an Amazon Agency like A+ sales to access your account and make the necessary changes to increase your sales, manage your PPC, give account health, inventory restocking recommendations and much more. If y

  • If you are using the stand Seller Central UI, to set permissions first navigate to 'Settings' on the top right hand side of your screen. Click 'user permissions' towards the bottom of the drop down menu. 

  • Next, under 'Add a New User' enter the name of your user and their email address. Check the box that says 'Add to Global Account' and click 'Invite'.

  • Once you have sent the invite, the associated party will receive an email and may accept. Once this is done, refresh your page and the new option 'Manage Permissions' will be available next to the added user. 

  • From here, the access level provided is at your own discretion. For specific services and plans, required permissions will be requested on a case by case basis from A+ Sales. 

  • Full Service Clients and Partners should enable all of the user permissions. You can do so quickly by clicking the 'view and edit' tab at the top of each permissions category. Its important to note that accounts that are not on Amazons Pro Seller plan will not be able to enable all user permissions for secondary users.

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